Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Eccentric Thrifter, A Special ESN Member

The Eccentric Thrifter, Ramblings of a Thrift Store Connoisseur is a blog full of informative and hilarious ramblings of a wonderful and dear friend, Linda.  As an admin of ESN, she is affectionately known as Wolfie to the members of the eCrater Stores Network.

Both Linda and her hubby love to go thrifting and some of their adventures - well, you just need to check out her blog to see what they are up to now.

Not too long ago she wrote a blog about "My Little Italian Guy"  Her story was so funny, I was laughing out loud.  To top it off, I was at work and how do you explain yourself to your co-workers?  Here, let the Eccentric Thrifter tell you herself:  "This little cutie so absolutely so cool, I couldn’t leave him behind if I’d wanted to.  Actually I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him in a thrift store. To me, he is the spitting image of one of my daughters’ former boyfriend.  So I bought Italian Guy, thinking my daughter would think this was one of the best Christmas presents ever. Gosh! What do I know!? NO. Not funny. No, not accepted. So much for Christmas spirit."

Needless to say, Italian Guy is for sale in her eCrater store,  Eccentric Thrifter.  He is a cutie - a wooden 3D sign about 25 inches by 13 inches.  Love it!

Linda also has a passion (I call it obsession) for Wilton cake pans.  Here is one of Santa for the Christmas holidays.  She does have a lot of these great baking pans so you really need to check her store out.


She has so many great things in her store - you really need to check it out!  From knick-knacks, to crafting magazines, her own handmade hats and scarves, kitchenware and Hawaiian shirts, her store is filled with wonderful finds and treasures.  AND, don't forget to check out her blog Eccentric Thrifter   She will definitely brighten your day and bring a smile to your face!


  1. I, too, laughed out loud when I read Wolfie's post about the "Italian Guy"! I've seen a few of her Wilton cake pans also and dreamed of the things I could do with them if only I knew how :D That's one of the reasons I have her blog on my blog roll - never know what she'll come up with next!!