Monday, November 29, 2010

Red and Green = Christmas Scavenger Hunt at ESN

Ah, Thanksgiving is over.  I certainly did enjoy my pumpkin pie.  I wonder if the kids noticed that I didn't offer for them to take any extra pie home with them?  I made three pumpkin pies and used my new hand beater to beat the eggs.  Hand beater - you know, the old fashion kind (no electricity kind) - see picture >.  My daughter got me one last year for Christmas at my request.  Anyhow, I'm sure that is why the pumpkin pies looked so perfect not to mention how yummy they tasted.  Yep, I know I ate one whole pie myself (after everyone left).  You know, sometimes living alone can be sooo rewarding.  Next time for pumpkin pie is Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, our scavenger hunt at ESN this week is for red and green items.  How pretty and so many cool things to choose from!  Everyone is so busy listing new (old) items for the Christmas season.  Make sure you visit the eCrater Stores Network soon and check out some great holiday finds! 

From the Dress In Vintage shop, we find something that will surely excite your Santa.  This is a beautiful Red Lipstick Vintage Kayser Full Slip.  Send Santa on some errands if you want to get dressed more quickly.  This lovely lady has been in business selling online for over 10 years and has some beautiful vintage clothes including gorgeous lingerie.

Here is a great wall Christmas decoration from Walls That Talk.  A beautiful green Christmas tree.  Check out the other great wall decorations and get creative!
Look at these wonderful vinyl placemats full of Christmas cheer!  Easy cleanup and great for the kid's table.  You need to check out Yard Sale Bargains for these and some other great holiday finds.  Great price on these Christmas placemats!
OK, if you are looking for something to hang on your tree and is really cute, check out the Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd Hallmark Collectible Ornament.  I found this in the ComycGyrl store.  She has tons of really cute and unique treasures.  I'm sure you will find something that will bring back a fun memory or two.  I will always relate the doctor who delivered my youngest daughter to Elmer Fudd.  I'll tell that story later!  

                                                                                                      Want to show you these great Christmas cheese spreaders I found at Le Petit Marche - another great store at eCrater.  Aren't they wonderful?  Her store is just so much fun to browse in. 

And, here is a wonderful gift for that young person in your life that is interested in playing a musical instrument.  Hazel's Hodgepodge not only sells wonderful collectible treasures, but also sells musical instruments.  Here is a great child's guitar (and in red) at a great price.  

Hope you've enjoyed the scavenger hunt this week.  And, more important, hope it has given you some ideas for Christmas decorating plus a few gift ideas.  There are so many great eCrater stores.  Visiting the eCrater Stores Network will let you meet some of the great store owners adding a great personal touch to online buying.  Only 26 more days until Pumpkin Pie! 


  1. And Guess what? I had to take the guitars off. Our supplier called this afternoon and told us there are no more of the little Lauren guitars in the warehouses. Looks like anyone who waited missed out on those. Sorry! But it's out of my hands.
    BTW, sure like your blog on red and green. Thanks for including me,
    Hazel of Hazel's HodgePodge

  2. Well, that's a bummer. Liked the different colors and reminded me of when I bought my younger daughter a guitar for Christmas when she was about 12 or 13. Her guitar interest only lasted about a year, but you never know.

  3. You should be a writer - I love reading your blogs! Thanks for including our tree.