Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scavenger Hunt in the Snow?

Scavenger hunt parameters from ESN for this first week in November - warm, fuzzy, cozy.  Hmmm, sounds too much like winter for me.  I have to tell you, I am NOT a cold weather person.  Gave that up about 11 years ago by moving south to North Carolina.  Oh, we sometimes get snow, but they know how to handle it down here - YOU STAY HOME!  No big deal, it's usually gone by the next day, anyhow.  It's perfect!  I just don't understand why anyone wants to go outside and freeze you know what off.  I mean, losing the feeling in your fingers and toes, not to mention your face freezing up and not feeling your nose run.  That's just not my kind of fun, not cool at all.

OK, so back to the scavenger hunt - hmmm - warm, fuzzy and cozy!  Well, it definitely means staying in the house to me - baking smells from the kitchen, candles burning, watching football and sitting in a comfy chair.  Maybe a little sewing or crocheting, but only if I get bored watching football and eating warm cookies or banana bread (probably both) and drinking hot chocolate.  Hmmm, seem to have a one-track mind.

The one thing I do like about Winter is winter fashion - love the wool suits with long skirts and tailored jackets worn with tall dress boots (late 70s and erly 80s style).  Here is a beautiful scarf from Barb's Bargains to dress up that tweed suit.  Beautiful!    

I love burning candles in the winter.   Look at this unusual candle holder that I found in Cleo's Collectables eCrater store.  Isn't it just too cool!  It's called the Aftican Tribal Figurine candleholder.  It is about 10 inches tall by 10 inches wide.  Perfect for an end table or use as a centerpiece.  Think she only has one of these left.

Must include baking during the winter season - the aroma of cookies, breads and pies through the house.  Makes me all cozy and warm.  Found a wonderful cookbook from Sadie Bell's Books - Gracious Goodness Christmas in Charleston Cookbook
Charleston, SC is one of my favorite places to visit.  If you have never visited this wonderful southern city, you really must. 

Unfortunately, I do need to go out in the winter to work - yes, the 40s and 50s are cold enough for me.  I just love this scrarf and hat set handmade by Wolfie at the Eccentric Thrifter.  Love the colors.  This would surely keep me warm going from the front door to the car.....

Well, I'm ready to curl up with a good book and relax in my cozy home.  Hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt today and stay warm! 


  1. Made me warmer just reading about them! I dislike cold weather - it seems to settle in my bones and I don't thaw again 'til June. Thanks for sharing your "warm fuzzies" - think I'll go have a cup of hot apple cider :)

  2. Beautiful blog. You certainly have a way with words. It's cool and dreary here so the warm, fuzzy,cozy theme can be appreciated.

  3. MMMMMMM you are so right - baking in the winter time is so warm and cozy, specially eating warm chocolate chip cookies!