Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cuddle Bear Makes It Feel Better

Our theme for the Scavenger Hunt at ESN this week is Children.  The holidays are over and the January cold and gray skies have gripped our souls.  This is the time of year that kids start coming down with the sniffles and feel the need to be cuddled.  What better childhood toy than the cuddle bear to make everything feel better.  Looking through the ESN photos, it didn't take long to find some wonderful bears to make things all warm and fuzzy.  Just look at this cute TY stuffed bear with a plump tummy.  It's a beanie baby  - Romance the Bear from This n That from Linda426.  I'm sure he would make you feel better snuggling up to you.   

Then I found this wonderful bear pan from the Eccentric Thrifter.  It is the Wilton Animal Crackers Pan Bear Face.  You could use it to make a jello mold and wouldn't that make you feel better.  I'm sure you could come up with a lot of fun and soothing comfort food ideas with this pan. 

Look at this adorable Teddy Bear Gift Box Kit you could make and use as a container for some paper and crayons for you sick little guy.  I found this at the Lil' Bit of This 'n That eCrater store.  She has a lot of neat crafty stuff.  Perhaps you could even find something for your child to make while she is under the weather.
Don't forget to check out other eCrater photos on eCrater Stores Network.  I'm sure you can find something that would help make it feel all better!  Stay well, but if you come down with the sniffles, cuddle up with a friendly bear!   


  1. How terrific! This is a new, fresh angle on the children's theme! Love it! Thanks for including my item too!

  2. How sweet - bears do make it better!