Thursday, January 6, 2011

Found "Bird In Hand" Worth "Two In The Bush"

I'm sure you have all seen the Geico commercial where the man asks the question "is a bird in hand worth two in the bush?"  Then off to an Antiques Roadshow spoof where this woman brings in a "bird in a hand" figurine and the appraiser marvels at the perfect fingers and mint-condition bird and delivers the surprising response that it is worth "two in the bush."  The response of the owner of the "bird in hand" is priceless when she simple says "really?" in a pleasantly surprised reaction.  I think it is one of the funnier Geico commercials. 

This past weekend, I was going through one of the boxes of Avon "pretties" in order to do some listings on my CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles eCrater store.  I've lost count of how many boxes I have brought back of vintage Avon.  With everything still in their boxes and all the saved Avon brochures, it's not too hard researching the items, just a lot of time going through those pamphlets.  OK, so I'm pulling things out - several more boxes of jewelry, pretty decanters of cologne and a couple of pieces of that beautiful ruby-red Cape Code dinnerware. 
About halfway through the box, I pulled out this pretty box and what does it say - Bird-In-Hand.  LOL - oh, how funny!  Opened the box up and there was a milk-glass hand (nice fingers) with a flower design at the bottom of the hand.  The box also contained 3 teal blue bird guest soaps in very nice condition.  This would look really nice in a guest bathroom.  So, what is it worth?  Well with the beautiful milk glass hand in perfect condition and nicely carved soaps, looks to me like it's worth at least "two in the bush."  Unfortunately, I have to put in a dollar amount.  So, if you want a really pretty soap dish with soaps for your bathroom that will surely spark some funny comments from your guests, you might check the vintage Avon Bird-In-Hand Soap Dish with Fragrant Bird Soaps out at my eCrater store.  The price is well below the value of "Two In The Bush"        

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