Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shaggin' At The Beach

The Scavenger Hunt at ESN this week is finding "water" items for sale by our eCrater sellers.  I am letting you know that at this minute I am listening to The Drifters on YouTube - Stand By Me, Under The Boardwalk and my favorite, Save The Last Dance For Me.  Beach music at its best.  Anyone mentions water and The Beach is my first thought.  If there is one thing that I would like to do before I hit the bucket, it is to learn how to shag.  Now, granted, I have two left feet, but maybe if I just close my eyes and go with the music, I could learn.  The Southeast is famous for "Beach Music" and the shag was The dance.  Someday I am going to learn how to shag!  I know, I probably should fast-track that "to do."  

In the meantime, I found this beautiful Shell and Fancy Jasper necklace from Jewelry Designs by JSJ to wear - must have a nice necklace that will swing when I dance.  Isn't it just too cool and beachy?      

Then I found these Lilly Pulitzer capri pants from Gigi's Consignment Closet that are very beachy and will match my necklace.  The carefree beachy look!  A nice white shell would look great with them.  Love the big flowers!

Then, I thought, maybe I should practice behind closed doors before I shag in front of real live people.  Bargain Express had just the album, (vinyl, too), with Connie Frances - great voice and the darling of Dick Clark.  Remember the old American Bandstand?  Shaggin at the beach is what I want to do!   

I love the beach - the warmth of the sun, the feel of the sand on your feet, the sound of the ocean, the rhythm of beach music and the contentment felt in your heart.

Make sure you check out the eCrater Stores Network and find some great items yourself and meet all the wonderful eCrater sellers.  But, don't forget to save the last dance for me at carolinabluelady.    


  1. I was already wishing for warmer weather now I'm really ready for it! You're gonna post a video of that dance thing, right!? As always, great blog - can't wait for the next one :D