Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What, Christmas Is Over?

It seems as soon as Christmas is over, people take down all the pretty decorations and by New Year's, the Christmas tree, now stripped of all the glorious decorations, is discarded at the curb waiting to be taken away.  Everything is packed away (and next year you will know what box the lights are in) and carried to the attic.  The room that you had your tree in seems much larger now - hmmm, maybe I do have room for that other curio cabinet I need. 

Well, not me!  My decorations are still up, even the dining table is still pretty with the Christmas napkins and candle centerpiece.  And my Christmas tree is still beautiful.  Every evening I can sit in my rocking chair and look at the pretty lights on the tree and smell the scent of burning candles.  The glow of the candles along with the Christmas tree lights are just so warm and soft - no other lights are needed.  Most of the time it is at least a week or two after New Year's before I must pack my Christmas glow away and haul my tree out to be taken to mulch heaven.

So, while I am here relaxing and enjoying the Christmas warmth, the first scavenger hunt at ESN for 2011 has been announced.  You know, where is the "stop and smell the roses" mentality around here?  OK, find three items in warm colors.  Well, that doesn't sound too hard.  Let's go ahead and get this blog done so I can get back to my rocking chair. 

Yellow - that's what I'm going to look for!  Yellow like the sun - love the sun - warm, beach, ocean, blue skies, sand, shells.  Oh, summer and the beach.  Yes, we will look for yellow items.  Well, look what I found.  Such a wonderful yellow cat planter at Katzzs-Kloset.  It is too cute and isn't it almost time to go to the garden center?  Ok, after I put my Christmas decorations away. 

Let's head over to the Eccentric Thrifter.  Warm means Hawaii and her hubster tends to favor those Hawaiian shirts and there are plenty to choose from in her store.  Whoo, I think this is one of the prettiest Hawaiian shirts I've ever seen.  No, I know it's not yellow, but I really like this one.  Very nice!

Have I told you all that I'm now into "pretty" dinner table settings?  It started with pretty napkin holders, the Christmas ones, I found in Pigeon Forge last Fall.  Well, Pier I has some really pretty ones, too.  (Isn't everything at Pier I pretty?).  So as I was passing by Bargain Express, I happened upon these pretty Baroque Bleu berry bowls.  There are 2 of them.  Sometimes, my mother would buy 2 place settings of a pattern she liked and called them "honeymoon sets".  I'm not sure if she just made that term up or not.  But, I thought it was a cute term.  Yeah, they are not yellow, but they are so pretty and you could really set a pretty table with them.

Well, that's my three warm items or at least they make me feel warm.  I know it was sort of a random scavenger hunt, but ............ Hold on .............. what is this?  Oh, my!  Johnny Depp!  Oh, he is just too cute - very nice to look at!  What is this?  a book?  movie?  Let me see.  What it is and who is selling this?  It's a book cover from Comycgyrl.  Oh, wow!  I could just cover any book that I was reading and keep it by my rocking chair.  Wouldn't even have to be reading the book.  Yep, sitting in my rocking chair looking at the pretty Christmas tree lights with the scented candles glowing and Johnny Depp at my side.  Oh, yeah!  I've got my warm things! 

Have a nice evening and don't forget to check out ESN!  Just click on the Photos - no telling what warm items you might find!                  


  1. My Christmas tree was my giant night light, complete with remote on/off...I miss it already.

    Great post - thanks for including me!

  2. Wonderful post! Love your blogs and you always find awesome items to write about.