Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

The scavenger hunt at ESN this week is SPRING.  A time of renewal and promise.  The sun feels warmer.  The song birds are returning to brighten the morning.  And it seems that all of a sudden the dogwoods and cherry trees are blossoming in pinks and whites.  I must admit, my spring flowers are blooming beautifully this year.  My daughter did a fantastic job of planting my flower beds some years back.  However, keeping them weeded and pruned?  I'm just not good at that yard work.  I love to look at all the pretty plants and flowers.  Oh, and I can go crazy at the garden centers.  But as far as planting and weeding, just can't get into that - hurts my knees and dries out my hands.  I even have problems watering my indoor plants.  I have asked my daughter to come over and clean out my flower beds again and lucky for me, she has agreed to.  And, I found the perfect hat for her at Embroidery Fashions Boutique

This hat has a Shar Pei embroidered onto the hat.  My daughter had a wonderful shar pei mix dog named Brooklyn.  He was just so cool and everyone fell in love with him.  She would love wearing this hat while she worked in my flower beds

This time of year, I start looking at all the things I need to do inside the house, too. I have one of those transitional houses with the tall living room and entry way ceiling that goes two stories high.  It could sure use painting.  
Just don't think I could reach every part of it.  I do like to paint, but I may need to hire this out and just stick to the normal rooms.  I did find this wonderful wall vinyl art decal from Walls That Talk.  It's a vinyl vase of daisies art decal.  Comes in many colors and would look great in a guest bedroom.  At least that is where I'm thinking of putting this.

Living in the Carolinas, I no longer think about vacationing during spring break.  However, if you live in the north (like I use to) and are going on spring break vacation, you always go to warmer climate.  Here is a great tropical Hawaiian shirt for that warm beachy vacation from Eccentric Thrifter.  Love this shirt with the big yellow flower and ocean blue background.  She has so many wonderful Hawaiian shirts to choose from.  

Please come and check out these and other great sellers on ESN.  And, don't forget to check out my vintage collectibles store at eCrater - CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles.  Spring is in the air!      

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  1. Love the choices for the Spring collection! Let your daughter know that if she gets tired of doing your flower beds, mine are available :D