Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birds And Bees To Make My Garden Grow

Gardening is our theme for this week's Scavenger Hunt at ESN.  Boy, it certainly doesn't take long for my crop of weeds to grow in my flower beds.  They are already getting so tall.  Luckily, I have a daughter who is really good at cleaning up neglected flower beds and she is working on making them beautiful.  I just don't understand why things you don't plant grow big and lush and plants that you actually buy and spend good money on die.  It might be that watering thing that I have trouble remembering to do.  While I may not be good at the gardening thing, I am really good shopping at plant stores and nurseries.  So this week's scavenger hunt was right down my alley - finding cute gardening items to decorate my flower gardens.

I love setting pretty flower pots around the deck and along the garden walls.  Here is a set of 3 flower pots from Barb's Bargains.  These are the Cobalt Planters Trio - very pretty with the cobalt blue bands.  The set includes different sizes of the ceramic planters.

Next I found this cute Crows Welcome Sign from Eccentric Thrifter.  It is made of metal and is a slotted sign that you can hang just about anywhere.  You can either use it to hold flowers or use it to hang on a shepard's hook in the garden or on the patio.  She has some other cute things, too.

And, now that we have the birds, I need to find some bees to make my garden grow.  Just look at this cute garden pick from ComycGyrl.  This is a Bumble Bee Gardening Pick to use in a flower pot.  The red polka dot bowtie is so cute on this yellow and black bumble bee.  Perfect!

See, I don't have a problem finding great decorative gardening items to make my flower garden a joy to wonder through.  Hope the birds and the bee will help my flower garden grow and keep the weeds from taking over and that my daughter never gets tired of cleaning up my flower beds.. 

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  1. I had to laugh out true, the weeds are free, the plants cost an arm and a leg. And what grows nicely? Of course the weeds do! Great post!