Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cool And Crisp In Ponderosa Pine

Tiara Exclusives was started by Indiana Glass of Dunkirk, Indiana in 1970 as a home party selling venture like Tupperware, Mary Kay and Home Interiors.  I went to my share of those parties in the late '60s and '70s.  I sure do wish I still had that lettuce keeper from Tupperware.  It was the green one with the white lid and a spike that stuck in the base of the head of lettuce.  You remember, you slammed the lettuce down on the counter loosening up the core and after removing the core, you inserted this spike and kept it sealed in the container.  It worked, too - lettuce stayed nice and fresh.  Tupperware has a fancier one now with a fancier price that is beyond my means and I seriously doubt that it works any better. 

Ok, back to Tiara Exclusives - summer will be upon us soon and nothing tastes better than a cool, crisp salad for lunch on a hot, sunny day.      
Here is a beautiful salad set with the large salad serving bowl and four salad individual bowls in frosted crystal.  This is vintage Tiara Exclusive in the Ponderosa Pine pattern.  This pattern was introduced by Indiana Glass in 1980 and was sold through Tiara Exclusives through the 1990s.  The Ponderosa Pine pattern consists of twigs with pine cones against a stippled background. You could also use this salad set for dessert such as strawberry shortcake. Wouldn't the bright red berries look so pretty against this stippled crystal glass.  Check this fabulous Tiara Exclusive Ponderosa Pine Salad Set out at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles where you will find more great vintage glassware.   


  1. You have such a variety of glassware! Each piece I see is prettier than the one before. I didn't know Tiara made anything like this so thank you so much for sharing, not just the item, but the history :D

  2. I have an entire set of clear ponderosa pine given as gifts to me over several years in the 1980's. Including 8 each dinner plates, salad plates, footed bowls, footed coffee mugs, stemmed ice tea, regular ice tea, and 1 each large footed salad bowl, ice tea pitcher, platter. Any idea of its value as a set. Cindee, Griffin, Georgia