Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Have A Birthday Party!

My brother and I use to mix playing cowboys and Indians with playing house.  It wasn't unusual to wear our toy guns and holster, shooting the bad guys from behind a cardboard box wall and then eating "grub" from my toy dishes.  My brother and I use to have so much fun making up stories and acting them out - our imaginations knew no limits.  And, our mother didn't mind if we messed up the living room.  This Tupperware Mini Party Childrens Toy Set reminded me of some of my old play dishes and the fun my brother and I had playing as children.
Tupperware offered several different kinds of children's dinnerware sets.  This set is the Party Set that includes 4 plates, 4 tumblers and cake server and a cake taker with Seal and Cariolier handle.  The plates and tumblers are in the harvest colors and I think it is just so cool!  You can find this neat vintage Tupperware Party Set at Carolinabluelady Vintage Collectibles.  I think this would make a neat Grandmother's toy for when the grandkids came for a visit.  Bake some cupcakes and make some kool-aid and pretend you are having a Birthday party.

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