Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome To The Zoo!

The Scavenger Hunt theme at ESN this week is "Zoo".  I'm not sure if it is suppose to be the animal zoo that you take your kids to see animals they would not otherwise be able to see up close and personal or our daily living zoo (you all know what I am talking about).  Since Easter is just a week away, I decided to look for bunnies in the ecrater stores of our ESN bloggers.  Bunnies are so cute with their cute little cotton tails and their little twitching noses and long floppy ears.  I wonder how many times "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" will be sung between now and next Sunday?  I'll be sure to sing it to my grandkids!  So, off to the Petting Zoo we go to find some cute little bunny rabbits!

Here is a cute little Happy Easter bunny T-shirt from Embroidery Fashions Boutique.  This is the kid's size, but I'm sure she can fix you up with an adult one if you'd like to wear a cute little floppy ear bunny T-shirt.      
I love this deviled egg server and bunny salt and pepper shakers.  You can find this wonderful 3 piece Easter Bunny plate and shakers at Hazel's HodgePodge.  But, you'd better hurry, Easter is almost here.
Now, Easter just wouldn't be Easter without a cute little Easter bunny cake.  Dress him up with green coconut grass and jelly beans and he will brighten any dessert table.  It might not last very long, though and keep that bag of jelly beans close by - you might have to replenish the decor around the cake.  You can find this Wilton Cake Pan Rabbit at Eccentric Thrifter.
I hope you enjoyed visited the petting zoo with me.  Please visit us at ESN and meet some of the other wonderful eCrater store owners.      


  1. I like your take on the zoo theme. Good job.

  2. Love the "bunny" zoo. Thank you for including mine.

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