Sunday, June 26, 2011

ESN Scavenger Hunt - Looking for Fire Spitting Dragons

The scavenger hunt at ESN this week is FIRE.  My first thought was dragons breathing fire.  Dragons are known all over the world from the protective, highly respected beautiful dragons of the East - Orient to the monstrous, evil and feared dragons of the West - Europe.  Let's see what dragons we can find on our ESN scavenger hunt...........

Your Whatnot Shop has this wonderful mystery book by Nancy Atherton called Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon.  I believe this is a dragon of the West. 
At ComycGyrl, I found this Dragon Man with Fire Breathing Action Action Figure.  Dragon Man is a fictional supervillian in the Marvel Comics universe.
At Bargain Express, I found this wonderful dragon Christmas ornament.  It is a Winged Dragon wrapped around a sword with fire.  Looks very pretty and it is glass and ceramic.
Had to go and check out our newest ESN member that joined the ESN Scavenger Hunt BloggersTwilight's Slumber.  She sells all sorts of wonderful mystical and fantasy gifts and collectibles featuring fairies, wizards and dragons.  What a beautiful decorative tile, Fairy Dragon Ceramic Art Tile by Carol Phillips.  This looks like a nice dragon so must be from the East.  This tile is 8" by 10" and would make a great wall hanging.
Please check out these and other ESN sellers for great gifts and collectibles.  And, please check out my eCrater store CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles   


  1. Who knew you could find so many dragons on the ESN scavenger hunter sites. Neat idea on fire.

  2. What a neat take on FIRE! Like Hazel said, who knew? Great post!