Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Grillin'

Our ESN Scavenger Hunt this week is "Grill Kings".  Although, I will grill a steak once-in-awhile for myself (and share a few bites with my hound dog, Bronx), most of the grilling done at my house is when the kids and grandkids come over for a day at the pool.  The older guys are usually in charge of the grill - what is it about a grill and men, anyhow?  I mean all of a sudden women don't know anything about cooking. 

I do have a couple of rules for the kids around the pool ---
  1. no glass outside - only plastic cups, glasses and plates!
  2. no running around the pool - yeah, right!
  3. no dunking - hey, I just don't think that is fun!
  4. no throwing rocks in the pool - don't ask! 
I found the following items at some of the other ESN bloggers' eCrater stores to help make our fun-filled day a safe one.
First of all the grillin' king has to look good while cooking the best hamburgers and hotdogs in the world made by the greatest grill king.  What could be cooler than this Winnie Fashion Hawaiian Shirt from Eccentric Thrifter.  It has beige and blue surfboards - perfect!  She has so many gorgeous Hawaiian shirts - you really must check them out.      
Next I found this wonderful West Bend Thermo Serve Condinment Tray for the relish, mustard and chopped onions.  It looks like wood but is actually heavy plastic - safe item.  You can find this at ComycGyrl
And to serve that ice cream after the best hamburgers and hotdogs in the world made by the greatest grill king, I found these vintage Tupperware Dessert Dishes. from Bargain Express.   Don't have to worry about breakage with these.  Perfect size for those kids that just don't understand that you shouldn't run around the pool or throw rocks in the pool.  
  So, check out these and other ESN sellers eCrater stores for other great summertime items.  And, don't forget to check out my store at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles.  Hmmmm, a cook out and pool party is sounding pretty good.  Guess I should ask the kids and the best grillin' king in the world to come over next weekend.  I'll go check to make sure I have enough propane. 


  1. You forgot no peeing in the pool, lol! That's a very important one! Thanks for featuring my shirt!

  2. shhh! Don't want to give those little boys any ideas.

  3. Your house sounds like party central! I enjoy your blogs sooooo much :D