Friday, August 26, 2011

Back To School ESN Scavenger Hunt

What girls could wear to school back in the '50s was a lot different than what kids can wear now.  Girls only wore dresses or blouses and skirts.  Living in the city, I always walked to school and in the winter when it was cold and snow on the ground, we could wear wool leggings that came with your coat to keep our legs warm and boats on our feet.  These definitely were not the stylish leggings girls wear today.  Shopping for school clothes was always a special time.  My grandmother also made me a lot of clothes and I loved trying on the clothes so she could tailor them to fit me.  I haven't gone school clothes shopping for a long time.  My daughters are grown and my granddaughters are past the stage where they want Grandma to help pick out their clothes so this scavenger hunt for Back To School is fun for me.  I found so many cute clothes from the ESN Bloggers stores - here are just a few..........
Here is a cute Self Esteem Green Shirt.  This pre-owned top from Bargain Express is in my favorite color of green with little white hearts.  Love the capped sleeves.  Would look cute with or without a long sleeved shirt worn underneath.  I love the wide band around the bottom.

Next I found a beautiful new Blue Hoodie embroidered with  - Hooray for Snow Days over a cute Penguin that is juggling snowballs.  This is from Embroidery Fashions Boutique and she has so many cute tees and hoodies for school. 

I also loved wearing necklaces when I was a young school girl.  I realize now that most of my jewelry was pretty gaudy, but my mother and grandmother never questioned my judgement.  Here is a gorgeous necklace I found at Twilight's Slumber.  No, it is not gaudy at all - very pretty.  It is called Ancient Dreams and is a cameo with a beautiful fairy in lavenders in a silver tone setting and ribbon band.

What a fun day shopping for Back To School!  Please visit these and my store at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles


  1. Great choices! So right about back then and now. Don't think I could afford to be cool these days, wasn't too cool then either.

  2. Love, love, love it! How neat to shop for back to school attire on ESN!

  3. I miss shopping for school clothes for the kids - except for the crowds, loud music, and standing in line forever! Shopping on eCrater today would be so much fun :)