Thursday, August 4, 2011

ESN Scavenger Hunter's Block Party

It seems like today everyone is publishing their weekly scavenger hunt blog so thought I'd better get mine done before someone grabs my stuff.  This week's ESN Scavenger Hunt is finding items for a Block Party.  Don't know that I have ever been to a block party - I've gone to a Fish Fry or Ice Cream Social. 

Oh, and I've gone on a bar-hopping party in a small Indiana town that will remain nameless.  The VFW, American Legion, Knights of Columbus and other clubs opened their doors and supplied booze and music.  Streets were shut down to traffic (good thing).  This was in the day of the "streak" and "happy hour."  I know you remember - don't tell me you never got a little wild back in the day.  (for any nieces and granddaughters that might read this, don't believe a word of it)  

We have a lot of neighborhood shopping plazas where people gather in the evenings and weekends.  With fountains, music entertainment and play area for kids, it is quite the place to go for young families.  It is pretty cool.  I don't go, but I can hear the music from my house.  

Looking through the stores of the ESN bloggers, I found my clothing attire.  Here is a really pretty pink (love pink) T-shirt - 5 o'clock somewhere margarita.  It is really pretty in the pink with lime green margarita.  Found it at Embroidery Fashions Boutique.  I'm sure you can get this in other colors, too.  She has such cool casual clothing.

Next I found a pair of Riders Purple Label Black Denim Shorts.  Will be perfect with my pink t-shirt.  They look in really nice condition and at a price you can't beat.  These are at Bargain Express, one of my favorite eCrater stores.           

Now that I have my outfit, I guess I am going to have to take a dish to our block party.  Think I will take my Deviled Potato Salad - sooooo good!  And, here is the perfect carrier.  The Tasty 454 Plastic Double Food Server.  I have never seen one like it.  Found it at Eccentric Thrifter, another one of my favorite eCrater stores.  Being plastic, I won't have to worry about it getting broken, either. 

Well, hurry up and get dressed and let's go party in the neighborhood!  I'll go make us a thermos of margaritas.  What?  Oh, and don't forget to check out my eCrater store - CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles


  1. Another great post from Carolinabluelady! Thanks for including my item!

  2. LOL - "before someone grabs my stuff"! I had to laugh at that one because I've thought the same thing many times - especially for the harder scavenger hunts. Thanks so much for including my shorts in your "stuff"!!! :D