Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pottery U.S. Style

Pottery is the theme for the ESN Scavenger Hunt this week.  Besides glassware, pottery is my other favorite thing to collect.  Of course it has to be U.S. made.  I fell in love with Roseville a little more than twenty years ago.  The Florentine pattern is my favorite.  I did find a Mostique vase a couple of years ago.  Mostique is an earlier pattern in the Arts and Crafts design - very pretty.

There is also a special place in my heart for McCoy planters as my grandmother had quite a few that she used to to display her plants on her kitchen windowsill.  She had african violets, mother-in-law tongue and her favorite, finger cacti.  I don't have any finger cacti, but I do have african violets and mother-in-law tongue on my windowsill.
Living in North Carolina, there are quite a few potteries throughout our beautiful state.  I sell new pottery from four potteries in the Seagrove Area.  I love going to visit with them and looking at all their beautiful pieces.  I would love to try my hand at making the pottery someday.

Going through the stores of ESN bloggers, I found a couple of cool pieces that I would like to share with you, but first I have to show you this wall art quote - Art is Born from Walls That Talk.
There may not be the word "pottery" in this quote, but doesn't this just about say it all for pottery making?

Two of the pieces I found include a McCoy planter and an unmarked vase with a very unique design. 
The McCoy Planter H1178 is a brown rectangle planter with a wood grain- type of design.  You can find this and several other McCoy planters at Eccentric Thrifter.  My grandmother could have planted several finger cacti in this planter.
At ComycGyrl Collectibles, I found this beautiful vase.  A powder blue with gold plume ceramic pottery vase.  Not sure who made this, but I think it is very unique with the detailed scalloped edging.  Beautiful!
Fat Beagle Pottery is my favorite Seagrove Area pottery.  Charles (Doc) Tostoe owns and operates Fat Beagle Pottery which was named after his fat beagle, Sally.  Sally has been gone for some time now, but sometimes when I visit, there is a sweet contented dog lying on the floor close to Doc as he sits at his potter's wheel.  Here is a beautiful vase from Fat Beagle Pottery that I have for sale at CAROLINBLUELADY Vintage Collectibles.

Raku is a traditional Japanese form of pottery using special firing processes.  Doc makes a few pieces now and then "when the wind is right and the creek's not rising" in his words. 
Please visit CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles for other great pieces of North Carolina pottery.

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  1. Great blog! You found some excellent pieces and thank you for fitting our wall quote in the theme - pottery is truly an art! I love that blue scalloped vase.