Friday, January 20, 2012

Avon Valentine's Day Gifts For The Heart

The 4 most common gifts for Valentine's are chocolates, flowers, jewelry and fragrances or colognes.  Chocolates and flowers are great, but they are gone within a week (well, chocolates for me are gone within a day).  If you want a lasting gift, jewelry and colognes are the gifts to get - something nostagic is even better. 
You know how hard it is to think of that perfect gift for your mother or grandmother who seem to have everything.  And, what about that daughter or granddaughter that is just becoming a teen.  Think Avon!  Most women have had a special Avon fragrance.  Avon was probably their first experience with fragrances.  Here's My Heart, Timeless, Sweet Honesty, Charisma just to name a few.  My favorite was Moonwind.  Here are a few suggestions from my

CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles stores.
Avon 1986 Heartstrings Candid Perfume

1988 Avon Genuine Cloisonne Heart Pendant

1989 Avon Victorian Heart Necklace

1980 Avon Precious Hearts with Here's My Heart Cologne


1988 Avon Sweet Nothings Timeless Cologne Splash
1991 Avon Baroque Accent Pendant

1990 Avon Here's My Heart Bracelet

So, visit CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles and find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.   
      The Gift of Special Memories! 


  1. Great blog as well as some awesome valentine's day gifts! I need to send this link to my hubby - wonder if he will get the subtle hint to go shopping?