Monday, February 20, 2012

Wild and Crazy Wins

Since it is Mardi Gras time, our weekly blog theme for our ESN Bloggers group is "Think Wild and Crazy, Colorful and Playful."  Of course 'wild and crazy' sounds a bit more fun than just 'colorful and playful.'  Yeah, 'wild and crazy' sounds pretty groovy, but with the kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews and the possibility that they might read this,  I probably should just stick with trying to sell a 'colorful and playful' item that I have at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles.  This is my favorite decanter from Avon - the Avon Island Parakeet Decanter with Charisma Cologne. 
It is just so pretty and tropical looking.  Jimmy Buffett is one of my favorite singers (not to be confused with my for real most favorite singer) and I love the Caribbean sound of his music.  Anyhow, that is what I think of when I look at this pretty parakeet decanter.  Ah, Parrotheads!  Beach!  Margaritaville!  Flip Flops! 
This Island Parakeet Decanter holds Avon's Charisma cologne.  Avon's description of Charisma is "an inner fire; dashing dramatic; modern; exciting."  And, that certainly fits in the 'wild and crazy' category, doesn't it!
So, there just may be some 'wild and crazy' happenings down the road.  Just no way around it! 


  1. Wild and Crazy is exactly what Mardi Gras is all about. I too like Jimmy Buffet. Love the Parrot.