Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wild Rose Romance For Valentine's Day

Need something special for a special lady?  Here is a beautiful china trinket or jewelry box.  Perfect for displaying on a vanity or dresser

1950s or 60s vintage Gerold Porzellan German Porcelain Jewelry Box in the Wild Rose pattern made by Gerold Porzellan in West Germany. Gorgeous grouping of pink roses with yellow centers and green leaves. The pure white porcelain box is trimmed in gold around the edge of the lid.

This gorgeous trinket box is 6 inches by 3 1/2 inches and stands about 2 5/8 inches tall, perfect for fine jewelry.  For a romantic and special touch - enclose a handwritten note or poem expressing your love in the jewelry box.  If you are a doctor, it would be perfectly acceptable for you to type the note.

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Happy Valentine's Day 


  1. This would make a terrific gift as you suggested. I could see it as an even better Valentine gift from Hubster with a beautiful bracelet inside!

  2. This would make a beautiful way to keep all of those earrings that you wear all the time handy.