Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Frogs, Tadpoles and Little Girls

Frogs is our ESN Scavenger Hunter theme this week.  When you think of frogs, the thought of little boys is not too far behind.  Boys and frogs conjure up images of a sweet innocent little boy with a shy smile on his face offering a frog to his mother or a little mischievous boy with a frog chasing a screaming girl on the playground.  Boys just love hearing little girls scream. 
Here is a vintage Avon collector plate showing a sweet little boy bringing flowers to his mother.  The Mother's Day plate titled "Little Things Mean A Lot" is available at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles.  Just look at that sweet smile and those innocent eyes - so cute.  You see the puppy dog at his feet.  Hmmm, you don't see a frog?  I bet you anything that the frog is in his back pocket - you just can't see it. 

And if you think you are safe because you have little girls.  Think again, ladies!  Years ago when my two daughters were about six and four, we lived in a townhouse that had a creek running behind the patio.  It was very shallow and only a few feet wide.  One afternoon I went into the half bath and there, in a sink full of water, were thousands of tadpoles swimming around.  Well, maybe not thousands, but it might as well have been.  Who knew they were gathering tadpoles from the creek and bringing them in the house.  They thought the tadpoles were pretty cool.  Needless to say, I was not very appreciative - they had to take the tadpoles back to the creek.  I'm just not a big fan of slimy critters.  Looking back on it now, I think I should have joined in on their fun..........


  1. Oh,you should have kept at least a few tadpoles and watched them turn into frogs. Doesn't every kid do that at least once? No, having girls doesn't make a family mmune from somethings. I think you are right about the frog in the boy's pocket.

  2. I too hate slimy things, so I understand why you reacted the way did. My girls were every bit as bad as the boys, so I caught it coming and going. I really enjoyed your blog and what a pretty plate.

  3. I'm with tadpoles in the house. But we did finally get a big aquarium and had lots of cool things to look at. And we had a turtle named George for about 5 years til he ran off...hunting a girl turtle probably!

  4. I remember fishing for tadpoles myself as a young lass, and no, they were not allowed in the house! Really cute plate and nice blog, fun to read!

  5. Great blog, thank you for sharing those wonderful memories. I use to have a plate just like that!