Friday, July 6, 2012

Stay Cool In Red and White Checks

The ESN Scavenger Hunt theme, Hot Weather, could not have been more appropriate.  It has been upper 90s and lower 100s all week.  Mind you, I am not complaining.  I love summertime.  I'm sure I would be singing a different tune if we didn't have A/C, though.
Nancy's Doll Closet is another ESN member and scavenger hunter on ESN.  Her eCrater store features doll clothing and accessories for the American Girl doll.  Nancy handcrafts a lot of the clothing herself - such beautiful dresses in tropical prints.  I found this pretty Red and White Checked Dress trimmed in lace and ribbon with a full gathered skirt.
This dress reminded me of dresses we wore back in the 1950s.  Using scrap material from dresses my grandmother would make me, I would make doll clothes for my dolls.  I loved playing with my dolls.  It didn't matter if my brother and I were playing 'cowboys and Indians' or 'house', my dolls were always a part of our stories.

Seeing this Red and White Checked Dress brought back some wonderful childhood memories.  So, if it is too hot outside to play, let's stay inside and play with dolls.

Visit Nancy's Doll Closet for some very pretty dresses and other accessories for your American Girl doll.

Stay Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


  1. I thought the same thing when I saw this dress. It makes me think not only of different clothes we wore, but remembering the hot summer days, with the gentle breeze that was never cool enough and the cicadas humming in the heat of the day.

  2. Your blog made me laugh, because of playing "house", we did that too. If we only knew then what we know now... this dress is really cute too!