Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lowcountry Refuge

Just returned from my Hilton Head Island vacation.  I think it was about 16 or 17 years ago when I first came to this gorgeous island.  The end of September is a beautiful time of the year - still warm in the high 80s without the crowds of the summer vacationers. 

The most beautiful place in the world extends from Charleston, SC to Savannah, Ga - this is heaven in my book and known as the Lowcountry.  The beauty of the live oaks dripping with spanish moss swaying slowing in the gentle wind, palmetto trees and the pink and red oleander take your breath away.  Watching herons and egrets walk through the marsh grasses; pelicans sitting on fishing piers waiting for the fishermen to throw bits and pieces from their catch of the day;  looking out at the ocean that extends forever into the horizon;  eternity.

The sounds of the gulls darting over the beaches looking for food left by the high tides.  The smells of the warm and cool breezes from the land and ocean all mixed together.
The feel of the heat hydrates my soul!  My Lowcountry refuge has renewed my spirit!