Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quiet After The Storm

Our ESN scavenger hunt this week is for Hurricane Irene.  For so many victims of this large hurricane, the effects are felt long after the storm passes.  There are so many people without electricity and for some, it could be days or weeks until it is back on. It is always so quiet when the electricity is off - no sounds of the air conditioner or the refrigerator or the humming of the ceiling fans.  No TV or radio.  The wind is no longer howling and the rain has stopped.  It is quiet and still - well, except for the chain saws outside in the neighborhood cutting up fallen trees and limbs.  It's a good time to read and escape into another world, do some knitting or crocheting or putting together jigsaw puzzles.  All of these activities help to keep your mind off of the fact that you have no electricity.

Hopefully, you all had already shopped at the ESN scavenger hunters' stores for books, crafting projects and puzzles for this quiet time.  Here are a few things that I had found to help me escape the withdrawal of no computer.

For my books, I want to read romance stories and I found 2 that I can't wait to escape to.  Nora Roberts is always a good romance read and the Key of Light, one of the books of the Key Trilogy looks like a good one.  You can find this and other good romance books at Barb's Bargains Reading Corner.              

The other book I found is Riverbend by Marcia Martin.  It is a romance story that takes place in the South.  I love southern romance stories and when one of the adjectives describing the book is "steamy", well, I had to get it.  This book was found at ComycGyrl Collectibles and she also has quite a few other romance novels.

In between reading, I like to work on jigsaw puzzles.  Looking for those pieces can really make time go fast.  I found this gorgeous puzzle over at Eccentric ThrifterThomas Kinkade's Shimmer Sea of Tranquility.  Sort of approriate after Hurricane Irene, don't you think?  With 750 pieces and mostly muted golds, tans and browns, this will take hours and hours of time, but it sure is a beautiful picture.  She has some other fantastic jigsaw puzzles to choose from, too.

For my craft project, I like to crochet and I found this pattern book over at Bargain ExpressHooked on Crochet Pattern Book from 1998, the afghan on the cover really caught my eye.  Isn't it pretty?  Just hope I have the yarn to make it.  Oh, I'm sure I do.    

You know, sometimes there are just times when you aren't in control.  So, take the opportunity to do some things that you might not otherwise do when the electricity is back on. 

Please keep those that lost property and loved ones in your prayers.  These are the real victims. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back To School ESN Scavenger Hunt

What girls could wear to school back in the '50s was a lot different than what kids can wear now.  Girls only wore dresses or blouses and skirts.  Living in the city, I always walked to school and in the winter when it was cold and snow on the ground, we could wear wool leggings that came with your coat to keep our legs warm and boats on our feet.  These definitely were not the stylish leggings girls wear today.  Shopping for school clothes was always a special time.  My grandmother also made me a lot of clothes and I loved trying on the clothes so she could tailor them to fit me.  I haven't gone school clothes shopping for a long time.  My daughters are grown and my granddaughters are past the stage where they want Grandma to help pick out their clothes so this scavenger hunt for Back To School is fun for me.  I found so many cute clothes from the ESN Bloggers stores - here are just a few..........
Here is a cute Self Esteem Green Shirt.  This pre-owned top from Bargain Express is in my favorite color of green with little white hearts.  Love the capped sleeves.  Would look cute with or without a long sleeved shirt worn underneath.  I love the wide band around the bottom.

Next I found a beautiful new Blue Hoodie embroidered with  - Hooray for Snow Days over a cute Penguin that is juggling snowballs.  This is from Embroidery Fashions Boutique and she has so many cute tees and hoodies for school. 

I also loved wearing necklaces when I was a young school girl.  I realize now that most of my jewelry was pretty gaudy, but my mother and grandmother never questioned my judgement.  Here is a gorgeous necklace I found at Twilight's Slumber.  No, it is not gaudy at all - very pretty.  It is called Ancient Dreams and is a cameo with a beautiful fairy in lavenders in a silver tone setting and ribbon band.

What a fun day shopping for Back To School!  Please visit these and my store at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles

Thursday, August 4, 2011

ESN Scavenger Hunter's Block Party

It seems like today everyone is publishing their weekly scavenger hunt blog so thought I'd better get mine done before someone grabs my stuff.  This week's ESN Scavenger Hunt is finding items for a Block Party.  Don't know that I have ever been to a block party - I've gone to a Fish Fry or Ice Cream Social. 

Oh, and I've gone on a bar-hopping party in a small Indiana town that will remain nameless.  The VFW, American Legion, Knights of Columbus and other clubs opened their doors and supplied booze and music.  Streets were shut down to traffic (good thing).  This was in the day of the "streak" and "happy hour."  I know you remember - don't tell me you never got a little wild back in the day.  (for any nieces and granddaughters that might read this, don't believe a word of it)  

We have a lot of neighborhood shopping plazas where people gather in the evenings and weekends.  With fountains, music entertainment and play area for kids, it is quite the place to go for young families.  It is pretty cool.  I don't go, but I can hear the music from my house.  

Looking through the stores of the ESN bloggers, I found my clothing attire.  Here is a really pretty pink (love pink) T-shirt - 5 o'clock somewhere margarita.  It is really pretty in the pink with lime green margarita.  Found it at Embroidery Fashions Boutique.  I'm sure you can get this in other colors, too.  She has such cool casual clothing.

Next I found a pair of Riders Purple Label Black Denim Shorts.  Will be perfect with my pink t-shirt.  They look in really nice condition and at a price you can't beat.  These are at Bargain Express, one of my favorite eCrater stores.           

Now that I have my outfit, I guess I am going to have to take a dish to our block party.  Think I will take my Deviled Potato Salad - sooooo good!  And, here is the perfect carrier.  The Tasty 454 Plastic Double Food Server.  I have never seen one like it.  Found it at Eccentric Thrifter, another one of my favorite eCrater stores.  Being plastic, I won't have to worry about it getting broken, either. 

Well, hurry up and get dressed and let's go party in the neighborhood!  I'll go make us a thermos of margaritas.  What?  Oh, and don't forget to check out my eCrater store - CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles

Monday, August 1, 2011

ESN Scavenger Hunters Love Candy!

The ESN Scavenger hunt last week was for Candy.  I know, I'm late on this one so I picked a "candy" item from each of the ESN scavenger hunters.  We all have our favorite candy whether it be chocolate, fruit or mints.  There are the special candies associated with Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween into Thanksgiving.  And, don't forget the box of candy for Mother's Day. 
I can't really say I have a favorite, there are so many that I love - Hersey with Almonds, Mounds, Heath Bars and Midnight Milky Ways (they use to be called Forever Yours back in the '50s and then they disappeared for decades).  So glad they have finally brought them back. Oh, and I love Turtles, chocolate-covered caramels, truffles, chocolate-covered raisins and M&M peanuts. 
When your kids were little, did you ever hide the candy so you could have it all for yourself?  I did - use to hide the Hersey Kisses and once they were in bed, I'd treat myself!  Later, my girls told me they knew where they were all along.
From left to right, here are the candy treats I found at the eCrater stores of the ESN Scavenger Hunters....      

Candy Hearts Valentine Kids Red Embroidered Sweatshirt from Embroidery Fashions Boutique

Vinyl Wall Quote Decal "Chocolate Promise" from Walls That Talk

Holiday Treats Barbie 1997 Special Edition from Barb's Bargains

Lenox Holiday Tree Candy Dish from Whatnot Gems

Simple Easy Candy Recipes Cookbook from Eccentric Thrifter

Toy Story 2 Jessie Candy Dispenser from Bargain Express

Gaea Fairy Pewter Nut Box from Twilight's Slumber

Wilton Candy Tin Mold Barcelona Classic from ComycGyrl

Mikasa Holiday Landscape Bon Bon from Hazel's HodgePodge

I would say we ESN Scavenger Hunters have the subject of CANDY covered.  Please check out these stores for other great finds to help you indulge in your candy favorites and don't forget to check my store, too at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles.

Hmmm! Hmmm! Good! and I'm not talking about Soup!