Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome To The Zoo!

The Scavenger Hunt theme at ESN this week is "Zoo".  I'm not sure if it is suppose to be the animal zoo that you take your kids to see animals they would not otherwise be able to see up close and personal or our daily living zoo (you all know what I am talking about).  Since Easter is just a week away, I decided to look for bunnies in the ecrater stores of our ESN bloggers.  Bunnies are so cute with their cute little cotton tails and their little twitching noses and long floppy ears.  I wonder how many times "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" will be sung between now and next Sunday?  I'll be sure to sing it to my grandkids!  So, off to the Petting Zoo we go to find some cute little bunny rabbits!

Here is a cute little Happy Easter bunny T-shirt from Embroidery Fashions Boutique.  This is the kid's size, but I'm sure she can fix you up with an adult one if you'd like to wear a cute little floppy ear bunny T-shirt.      
I love this deviled egg server and bunny salt and pepper shakers.  You can find this wonderful 3 piece Easter Bunny plate and shakers at Hazel's HodgePodge.  But, you'd better hurry, Easter is almost here.
Now, Easter just wouldn't be Easter without a cute little Easter bunny cake.  Dress him up with green coconut grass and jelly beans and he will brighten any dessert table.  It might not last very long, though and keep that bag of jelly beans close by - you might have to replenish the decor around the cake.  You can find this Wilton Cake Pan Rabbit at Eccentric Thrifter.
I hope you enjoyed visited the petting zoo with me.  Please visit us at ESN and meet some of the other wonderful eCrater store owners.      

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birds And Bees To Make My Garden Grow

Gardening is our theme for this week's Scavenger Hunt at ESN.  Boy, it certainly doesn't take long for my crop of weeds to grow in my flower beds.  They are already getting so tall.  Luckily, I have a daughter who is really good at cleaning up neglected flower beds and she is working on making them beautiful.  I just don't understand why things you don't plant grow big and lush and plants that you actually buy and spend good money on die.  It might be that watering thing that I have trouble remembering to do.  While I may not be good at the gardening thing, I am really good shopping at plant stores and nurseries.  So this week's scavenger hunt was right down my alley - finding cute gardening items to decorate my flower gardens.

I love setting pretty flower pots around the deck and along the garden walls.  Here is a set of 3 flower pots from Barb's Bargains.  These are the Cobalt Planters Trio - very pretty with the cobalt blue bands.  The set includes different sizes of the ceramic planters.

Next I found this cute Crows Welcome Sign from Eccentric Thrifter.  It is made of metal and is a slotted sign that you can hang just about anywhere.  You can either use it to hold flowers or use it to hang on a shepard's hook in the garden or on the patio.  She has some other cute things, too.

And, now that we have the birds, I need to find some bees to make my garden grow.  Just look at this cute garden pick from ComycGyrl.  This is a Bumble Bee Gardening Pick to use in a flower pot.  The red polka dot bowtie is so cute on this yellow and black bumble bee.  Perfect!

See, I don't have a problem finding great decorative gardening items to make my flower garden a joy to wonder through.  Hope the birds and the bee will help my flower garden grow and keep the weeds from taking over and that my daughter never gets tired of cleaning up my flower beds.. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cobalt Blue Moon and Star Basket

Our ESN Scavenger hunt is to find an extraordinary item from one of our fellow ESN bloggers.  My own collections center around vintage glass - Early American Pressed Glass and old Carnival Glass.  Not only are the colors and patterns intoxicating to look at, but I also love the history of the glass factories.  The entertwining of the owners and designers and patterns that are shoveled from one factory to another.  
I know you are not going to be disappointed with the extraordinary item that I found.  Feast your eyes on this gorgeous L.E. Smith Moon and Star Handled Basket in Cobalt Blue   

Isn't this blue just about the most fabulous blue you have ever seen?  The Moon and Star pattern has been produced by several different companies over the years.  In fact, the pattern dates back to 1874, when Adams and Company out of Pittsburgh introduced the pattern called Palace.  It was later called Moon and Star.  While L.E. Smith wasn't the first company to reproduce this pattern, they did produce more different pieces than any other company.  They had the molds made by Weishar's Island Mould and Machine Company.  Weishar retained ownership of the molds, leasing them to L.E. Smith to produce the glass.  The mold for this basket is No. 6127 and I don't find that this particular basket was produced by anyone else unless that has changed recently.

This is the Banana Bowl Basket with handle and about 6 1/2 inches long.  This was produced between 1988 to 1994.  You can find this beautiful basket at Bargain Express.  She has other beautiful pieces of her collection of Moon and Star pieces for sale, too.  You need to check out her eCrater store.

I told you that you wouldn't be disappointed by my extraordinary find!  Go ahead, scroll back up slowly and feast your eyes again!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cool And Crisp In Ponderosa Pine

Tiara Exclusives was started by Indiana Glass of Dunkirk, Indiana in 1970 as a home party selling venture like Tupperware, Mary Kay and Home Interiors.  I went to my share of those parties in the late '60s and '70s.  I sure do wish I still had that lettuce keeper from Tupperware.  It was the green one with the white lid and a spike that stuck in the base of the head of lettuce.  You remember, you slammed the lettuce down on the counter loosening up the core and after removing the core, you inserted this spike and kept it sealed in the container.  It worked, too - lettuce stayed nice and fresh.  Tupperware has a fancier one now with a fancier price that is beyond my means and I seriously doubt that it works any better. 

Ok, back to Tiara Exclusives - summer will be upon us soon and nothing tastes better than a cool, crisp salad for lunch on a hot, sunny day.      
Here is a beautiful salad set with the large salad serving bowl and four salad individual bowls in frosted crystal.  This is vintage Tiara Exclusive in the Ponderosa Pine pattern.  This pattern was introduced by Indiana Glass in 1980 and was sold through Tiara Exclusives through the 1990s.  The Ponderosa Pine pattern consists of twigs with pine cones against a stippled background. You could also use this salad set for dessert such as strawberry shortcake. Wouldn't the bright red berries look so pretty against this stippled crystal glass.  Check this fabulous Tiara Exclusive Ponderosa Pine Salad Set out at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles where you will find more great vintage glassware.   

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Have A Birthday Party!

My brother and I use to mix playing cowboys and Indians with playing house.  It wasn't unusual to wear our toy guns and holster, shooting the bad guys from behind a cardboard box wall and then eating "grub" from my toy dishes.  My brother and I use to have so much fun making up stories and acting them out - our imaginations knew no limits.  And, our mother didn't mind if we messed up the living room.  This Tupperware Mini Party Childrens Toy Set reminded me of some of my old play dishes and the fun my brother and I had playing as children.
Tupperware offered several different kinds of children's dinnerware sets.  This set is the Party Set that includes 4 plates, 4 tumblers and cake server and a cake taker with Seal and Cariolier handle.  The plates and tumblers are in the harvest colors and I think it is just so cool!  You can find this neat vintage Tupperware Party Set at Carolinabluelady Vintage Collectibles.  I think this would make a neat Grandmother's toy for when the grandkids came for a visit.  Bake some cupcakes and make some kool-aid and pretend you are having a Birthday party.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vintage Avon Jewelry for Spring

Trying something new here.  New and Spring just go together!
Enjoy the groovy music as you look through the beautiful vintage Avon jewelry for Spring  
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Jewelry can be purchased from CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles
 on eCrater or Auctiva Commerce

Frilly Silly Girly Things Scavenger Hunt

A little late this week, but I had a hard time picking my girly things for the ESN Scavenger Hunt.  You see I love girly things and it seems that all the other ESN scavenger hunters have something that catches my fancy and reminds me of my childhood.  Oh, I loved to climb trees, play softball and play cowboys and Indians, but I loved being a girl.  The pretty dresses with crinolines making them full and fun to twirl while dancing in front of my grandmother's tall mirror.  Listening to the hearttrobs of the '50s & early '60s like Pat Boone, Bobby Rydell, Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon and of course, Elvis and dreaming of falling in love.  Reading young love romance novels.  Secretly writing your name as Mrs. whatever cute boy you were in love with at the time.  Getting your first pair of high heels.  Oh, I know, I could go on and on.  But I'm late with this so here is what I found starting at the top row:  Wilton Barbie Princess Cake Pan from Hazel's HodgePodge   Wouldn't that be fun to decorate!
A beautiful crochet pattern book Red Heart for Victorian Images is being offered itn the ecrater store of Bargain Express.  Now that is a full skirt!
From Comycgyrl, I found Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White Disney Princess collection heart-shaped plates for a girly party.  Nothing more girly than The Disney girls.  A Nora Roberts romance book - Blue Dahlia from Barb's Bargains.  I do believe she is opening a book store in addition to her Barb's Bargains store.  You might want to check that out when you visit ESN next time.
And, did you ever feel more girly than on Easter - all dress up in your fancy spring dress (yes, possibly with a crinoline), patent leather shoes, gloves, straw hat and purse.  Here is a great T-shirt, My First Easter, for that special baby girl from Embroidery Fashions Boutique.  All of their wearing apparel is custom embroidered.
I just couldn't resist this Girl Definition Vinyl Wall Graphic from T Storm Graphics.  That would just be precious in a little girls room.
Girls love to be pampered and here is a great Gift Basket Bodynature Gift Set that includes Bath Soak, Body Souffle, Body Bar and Body Wash.  Just imagine the smell of vanilla, jasmine and rose.  This is from Eccentric Thrifter.  What a wonderful way to end your day.  It is good being a girl! 

As you can tell there was no way that I could pick just a few.  Hope you enjoyed and please visit my store at Carolinabluelady Vintage Collectibles on eCrater, too.