Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glass Hens On The Window Sill

Although I brought back 34 boxes of "pretties" that we will be selling, there were a few treasures that we won't be able to part with.  Going through the kitchen cabinets, my sister and I found some wonderful memories - some we had forgotten.  When my grandmother moved into the house in the early '70s, she had the kitchen renovated - this is an older house so it has 10' ceilings.  She had cabinets installed all the way to the ceiling on two walls - so you can imagine all the storage space.  She even had a new modern automatic washer and dryer installed.  The wringer washer was being replaced (actually, it is still in the old garage).   The cabinets still have my grandmother's kitchen gadgets, dishes and pots & pans.  My mother didn't remove anything; just added to it.  My grandmother's glass covered hens are still sitting on the window sill in front of the sink and the kitchen clock is still on the wall - a copper teapot design.  We haven't removed them yet.

You know, it is sort of weird.....the dishes, glasses, pots and pans were the same all through my childhood and even into my adult years.  We didn't change or replace dishes like we do today.  I don't think my kids are going to have as much fun going through my things.  Here are a few things that my sister and I found.  You may find this sort of funny, but we were like kids in a candy store.
Yes, that is an egg poacher.  My grandmother would fix me a poached egg and put it on toast - it was always a special breakfast.  Luckily, we found two of them so my sister took one and I took the other.  See that rolling pin?  Yes, the handle is broken off of one side and that is how I always remembered it.  I can see her rolling out the dough for "poppie" on Sunday morning.  She worked fast, maneuvering the rolling pin around and stretching the dough until it was perfect.  Then the dough would have to "dry" before she cut it up and put it in with the boiling beef or boiling chicken.  Sometimes she would let me drop the squares of dough into the boiling water and I could watch it puff up.  And, then her egg beater with the worn green handle - another prized possession. I just loved watching her cook and bake - she always explained everything and let me help.

We found a few more treasures - the beat-up tin pie pan that she always used to flour meat.  The tin measuring cups with the beat-up rounded bottoms.  We'll wait and divide these items later after we finish going through all the cabinets.  I know there will be some flat tin lids that I will want.

In going through our treasured memories, my brother, sister and I can get a little overwhelmed at times - there is so much to go through.  But then I look at the covered glass hens on the window sill all covered in dust and see the copper teapot clock on the wall that no longer works and a feeling of peace comes over me and brings a smile to my face.  Thank you Mother and Grandma for such wonderful treasures and memories.            


  1. I remember those glass hens, too! And don't think we won't have fun going through your things. We have plenty of wonderful memories of our mamma :o)

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I feel like I am there going through things myself as I can relate with all the feelings, and emotions of this. How true the comment about we could keep using things over, and over then. But, in todays times we are always replacing. Didn't make things like they did back then, right?:)

  3. Aw, that's so sweet. Even though it's a chore going thru everything, it's lovely to have tangible reminders that take you back to times that can only be relived in your memories. Thanks for sharing!

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