Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Sister's Easter Gift

I was so hoping to post each day of this week, but I'm running a little behind.  Yesterday my brother, sister and I split up the carnival glass, both old and new.  Old carnival glass is my favorite glass.  Everything went smoothly and we were all very happy with our picks - more on that later.  Today, we divided the Greentown glass and St. Clair/Joe Rice paperweights.  Again, another fun day!  But, there is another story that I wanted to share about the toothpicks that we divided on Monday. 

The most special toothpick we found was a beautiful blue St. Clair Indian Head toothpick.  Oh, there were prettier toothpicks, but what made it special was the note we found inside it.  My grandmother and Aunt Goldie were sisters and about two years apart.  This toothpick was an Easter present from Aunt Goldie to my grandmother.  Not sure what year it was, but I'm guessing early 1970s.  Here is the note......

Aunt Goldie was the most beautiful lady.  She reminded me of a movie star with the spunk of a Katharine Hepburn and the beauty of a Rita Hayworth.  She was the favorite of our family.  She had a beautiful smile and infectious laugh.  We loved it when she would come and visit.  She passed away at the age of 104, about a month before our mother passed away.

And which one of us obtained this prized toothpick?  Our brother was the lucky one! 

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