Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toothpick Heaven!

Our grandmother collected two different items - first being St. Clair toothpick holders.  She had Indian Head toothpicks in every color that St. Clair produced and a lot of the Holly pattern toothpicks.  When we were at her house, at some point we would be standing in front of her china cupboard and looking in awe at all her toothpick holders.  Even the older grandkids loved looking at all the toothpick holders.  The second item she collected was the carnival glass in the Harvest pattern from the Indiana Glass Company in Dunkirk, In.  Yes, this is considered the "new" carnival glass and I have to admit, growing up, this was not my favorite glass.  But what did make it special was seeing the sparkle in her eyes and how happy she was when she looked at the glass or was able to buy a new piece.  With St. Clair located in Elwood, In and Indiana Glass in Dunkirk, In, it was always a special treat for her to go to the factories with her sister, Aunt Goldie. 

Our mother also collected toothpick holders.  Her finds came from auctions, antique stores visited while traveling with my sister and me, and St. Clair in Elwood, In.  Other than St. Clair, she only looked for toothpicks that she thought were pretty.  The value really had nothing to do with her collections.  In her eyes, all glass was of value.  While I have been selling the toothpicks that were still wrapped in the auction boxes, the ones she did have displayed were included in the toothpick holders for us to choose from.       

The main thing that we did yesterday was to divide the toothpicks between the three of us.  We put all the toothpicks on a long table - there were 150+ toothpicks - St. Clair, Imperial, Fenton, Boyd, Summit, Deganhart and a few others.  Nothing high dollar, but all very special.  We decided to each pick 20 and then we would sell the rest online at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles at eCrater or my store, CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles at Auctiva Commerce.  We took turns picking out our toothpicks one at a time and with so many to choose from, it took quite sometime to reach our 20 each.  As we looked over the remaining toothpicks, another one caught my sister's eye.  My brother said, "so we each want to pick another one?"  We ended with 22 each.  It was a very good day with plenty left to sell.  And, with 22 each, the grandkids are well taken care of, too.       


  1. That's nice that you all were able to divide up like that. It could have been a battle. You will all have nice memories thru those holders as well as remembering the good time you had when you acquired them.

  2. I know this is bitter sweet, the dividing up things and going through all the memories. But, I really envy the relationship you seem to have with your brother and sister. So great that you can share this time together.

  3. I can't wait to see them! I haven't seen the toothpick holders in years. They were always my favorite to look at.
    - one of the 'older' grandkids...