Monday, December 19, 2011

In 1968, It Was Still "Merry Christmas"

Last year I wrote about memories about my grandmother's silver Christmas tree.  We hadn't found it yet and we knew our mother would not have gotten rid of it.  But, did my grandmother?  My sister found it, still in the box and packed.  I now have my grandmother's silver Christmas tree and it is now all decorated with the color wheel turning twinkling colors of red, green, yellow and blue.  As you can see, with the tree done, Bronx is facing north waiting for Santa.  But more about the Christmas decorating later.  Opening the box, all the branches were stored in their sleeves.  The branches were then wrapped by the color code and everything was wrapped in newspaper. 

The date of the newspaper that everything was wrapped in was Wednesday, December 25, 1968.  The newspaper was The Indianapolis Star.  The newspaper is actually in very good condition.  The front page is The Christmas Story with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.  The top of the paper it said, "The Star Wishes All A Merry Christmas." 
    It was also a time when space exploration was still young and exciting - see "Pueblo Crew United With Families."  To be honest, I was almost more excited reading the Christmas 1968 newspaper.  We really need to get back to calling it what it is - Christmas.
Flipping through my 1968 treasured newspaper, I had to look at the fashion of the day.  Love the fur collars and empire waist style.  I didn't have time to go through all of the paper, but don't think I will be rewrapping the silver tree with this paper.  Oh, the wonderful memories of the '60s.         


  1. That is so cool that you not only found the tree so well kept but the fabulous condition of the newspaper as well!! It looks wonderful and brings back memories of our silver tree and color wheel. Thanks, CBL, for the sweet memories :D

  2. How exciting and nostalgic! I was thinking, as I put up my artificial tree last week about trees and traditions from my childhood. Never had a tree like yours though. Thanks for sharing,and so glad you found the tree--and the 1968 newspaper.

  3. I love finding old papers like that. I have a stack I save 'for my grandchildren' who will probably toss them. The Christmas tree is beautiful; I bet your mother is smiling!