Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Farmers' Almanac 1980

One thing that can slow me down is reading the stuff that I am trying to list like this Avon Farmer' Almanac Thermometer from 1979.  It is actually a thermometer and includes two Gentlemen's Blend fragranced soaps.  Pretty cool!  But the coolest thing that comes with it is the 1980 Farmers' Almanac compliments of Avon.  It's a good thing it is not very thick because I just couldn't stop reading it.  The pamplet is sort of stained, but there are no marks and is very readable.
On the back, there were instructions on how to apply fragrances. Did you know there are three phases of fragrance?  Your skin type also has some bearing on the types of fragrances that would best suit you.  Just really some cool information. 
There is also the 1980 planting and garden calendar which you would expect in the Farmers' Almanac.  One of the funniest things I came across was the Favorite Tombstone inscription.  It said,
"1787 - JONES - 1855 
Here lies the bones of Sophie Jones.  For her, death held no terrors.  She was born a maid and died a maid.  No hits, No runs, No errors."
Well, I thought it was funny.  Interesting statistics and political opinions.  I really don't want to talk politics in my blog, but I just found this interesting considering today's political climate.  It is called:
 Who Profits Most From Profits
"About seventy five years ago a good many men were going into the business of making automobiles - not to benefit humanity but to make money for themselves.  'Terrible', the reformers said.  Most of these men lost every cent they had, a few made some money.  A very few made millions, became extremely rich, built up huge corporations out of profits.  'Terrible', the reformers said.  Those huge corporations and the companies they help support, provide more than 14 million jobs in America today, jobs for workers who are among the highest paid in the world.  Those 14,000,000 jobs would never exist if it had not been possible to make and keep profits in the past.  Profits like that cannot be made today and, even if made, could not be kept.  The reformers have had their way.  But the millions of jobs we'll need tomorrow are not being born.  That's a terrible price for 'reform' that your children will have to pay."
This was written 32 or 33 years ago, but it could have been written yesterday.  I did finally get this listed.  You can find the Avon Farmers' Almanac Thermometer at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles.  The Almanac is included. 
There is also an article about Our National Motto.  Do you know what our national motto is?  Check back tomorrow. 

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  1. Terrific item but magnificent info! I've always loved the Farmers Almanac. Thanks so much for sharing :)