Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beanies Buddies Puffkins Oh My

Bears, bears and more bears - who doesn't love teddy bears?  Most of us have all had at least one teddy bear as a child. For some children, their teddy bear is their constant companion - teddy bears listen to every word you say, they collect your tears when you are sad, they cuddle with you when you are tired and most of all, they will protect you against the boogie man when you go to bed........... 

The name 'Teddy Bear' is really not all that old - just about 114 years.  Oh, there were stuffed bears but not 'teddy bears.'  The name originated around 1902 and had to do with Theodore Roosevelt, Jr after he became our 26th president when William McKinley was assassinated.  The story goes that Theodore Roosevelt went on a hunting trip in Mississippi by invitation of the governor there.  Some in the party had already killed a bear and after catching another one, suggested to Roosevelt that he shoot it.  Roosevelt refused because he felt it was unsportsmanlike.  But because the bear had been beaten severely by the other hunters and dogs, Roosevelt ordered that the bear be put down to end his suffering.  Word got out - cartoons and stories were published in newspapers across the country. 

Upon seeing one of the cartoons, Morris Michtom from Brooklyn, NY, who owned a candy store, asked permission from Roosevelt to call a couple of toy bears that his wife had made 'Teddy's bears' and put them in his shop window. The rest is history............

There are some 'teddy' bears at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles that need good homes - Ty Beanie Babies, Ty Beanie Buddies and Swibco Puffkins.  Check out some of the bears in the video and enjoy an old song by Elvis Presley - "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear."   

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