Monday, November 14, 2016

Panda Bear Memories

As a young child in the early 1950s, I received a panda bear for Christmas.  It was a big black and white stuffed Panda bear just about as big as I was.  My brother also received a stuffed Panda bear.  His was brown and white.  We loved our Panda bears and played with them a lot.  Panda bears just have the sweetest faces

Pandas are native to central China and have been on the endangered list for many years now.  While they will eat rodents, fish, insects, birds and some vegetation, their most favorite food is bamboo. I have read that they can eat bamboo for up to 12 hours a day - that's about as much as 28 pounds of bamboo.

Pandas are also loners and do not like to be around other pandas except during mating season in the spring. Females are pregnant with their one or two cubs for about 95 to 160 days before birth and the cubs are blind and only weigh about three to five ounces. And, even though females aren't full grown until they are four or five and males aren't full grown until six or seven years old, the cubs are weaned and sent on their own when they are around two to three years old.
After reading facts about the life and habitat of Panda bears on the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute's website, I find the story of the Panda bear even more interesting and fascinating.

Christmas is coming up soon.  Bring a Panda bear into the lives of your children or grandchildren (nieces and nephews count, too).  Here are some Panda bears available at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles that are in need of a child's love and care.

Also visit the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute website with your child to learn much more about the life of the Panda bear.

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