Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Story of a Needle, Thread and Thimble

I was researching sewing thimbles in regards to collecting them.  There are so many beautiful and ornate thimbles and such wonderful history and stories that goes with them.

But the one story I found that I thought I would share was the story called Dependence and Indpendence. a story of "Needle . Thread and Thimble"  Little Folks.  I found this story in 2 different newspaper publications, Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) dated August 24, 1888 and The McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser (Heathcote, Vic. : 1863 - 1918) dated January 4, 1889, an Australian newspaper
A thimble, a needle and a piece of thread were all lying on a lady's work table together.  Now, the needle, had rather a nasty temper, and could give sharp pricks when it pleased, and this morning it was out of sorts, so it tried to pick a quarrel with the thimble, and said, spitefully:  "You gave me some hard knocks yesterday, and I wish you would be more gentle in the future." 
"It is true, I do push you hard sometimes," answered the thimble, "but you know it is only when you do not do your work properly, and our mistress makes me keep you up to it." 
 "Pray, don't you two quarrel," said the thread wishing to be a peacemaker. 
"You mind your own business," retorted the needle.
"My business is your business," said the thread, "for you are no use without me, and I am none without you."
"That's just it," said the thimble.  "A great deal of nonsense is talked in this world about being independent, but my own opinion is that people should try to help one another, for, from the highest to the lowest, we are all very dependent n the good services of our neighbors for something or other every day of our live."  
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  1. They look great! Made of silver? I think you can try to do it yourself, taking as a basis the usual thimble and decorating it with clay elements for decor. I am engaged in embroidery, mostly, of course, on embroidery machines, but sometimes special details have to be embroidered by hand. In such cases, the thimble is simply irreplaceable, and these are works of art.