Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh, Silver Christmas Tree!

Just removed my Christmas tree from the house and it is now down at the curb.  Surely, they will still pick it up.  I know, it is January 22nd.  There was still some water in the stand and you know, it wasn't as heavy as when we brought it into the house.  I just follow the saying "Don't do today, what you can put off until tomorrow."  Oh, that's not how it goes?  Sorry, too late to change now!
I'm not sure why or exactly when I started thinking about my Grandmother's silver Christmas tree, but I have been obsessing about the tree for sometime now.  Is it still in the house somewhere?  When was the last time she used it?  In Indianapolis?  In Marion?  In Greentown?  Just can't remember and my sister doesn't remember either.  (By the way, she was of no help in trying to talk me out of getting a silver tree).  We haven't gotten through everything at the house, but is it even there?  Now, my grandmother would have gotten rid of something she no longer wanted.  Just don't know.  Hmmm!  Maybe I need to start looking for one.  It would just be so cool.  Oh, I would still have to have a real Christmas tree.  Maybe I could set the silver tree up in my pretty lavender guest room - that room faces the street and wouldn't that be so pretty and festive.  Ok, searched for one in eCrater - no vintage silver aluminum trees.  Well, let's just check eBay and see how much they run.  Oh, quite a few and wouldn't you know it - lots of people are searching for vintage silver aluminum Christmas trees.  OK, we'll just put a few on my watch list and see how it goes.  I'll need one of those rotating color lights, too.
In the meantime, I will look through old family pictures to see if I can find any pictures of the silver Christmas tree.  Wow!  Found some pics.  Christmas at my Grandmother's with the silver Christmas tree.  This was when we lived on 34th Street in Indianapolis, In.  This must have been when I was around 15 so in the early 1960s.  My grandmother's sister, Goldie and her husband and daughter had come up from Florida to spend Christmas with us.   
My Grandmother would also decorate the fireplace, stringing lights and hanging net stockings filled with fruit and nuts.  By the way, that furniture is still in the house that we are going through.  This second picture is of my brother, sister, mother and I (sitting in the rocking chair). 
The last picture is my Aunt Goldie (my grandmother's sister), Uncle Earl, Uncle Acel (my mother's brother), my grandmother, sister, mother and me.  Isn't it weird that we use to dress up to open gifts?  I love looking at old pictures and remembering my wonderful memories. 
But, I really need to get back to cleaning up my living room and rearranging the furniture back to pre-Christmas.  Tomorrow is football!  So, I really need to get it done.  Can't put it off until tomorrow ......... or can I?

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  1. We had one of those - I loved laying under the tree at night with only the color wheel on. Saw one of those wheels at a flea market about 5 years ago - regreted not bringing it home ever since :( Hope you find your tree!