Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joe Rice Art Glass

 My grandmother loved to collect the St. Clair toothpick holders made by both Joe and Bob St. Clair.  As most of these were replicas of older patterns produced by other glass companies, St. Clair is more respected for the art glass paperweights that they produced.  Joe Rice's art glass paperweights are still made in the same family traditional way, but he also likes to experiment with new techniques.  Joe Rice is the nephew of Joe and Bob St. Clair.
I have watched them make the paperweights.  It is fascinating how this glob of hot molten glass turns into this beautiful paperweight with the flowers and bubbles encased in glass so clear that it looks like they are suspended in liquid.  I can get lost looking into these beautiful paperweights.
The first time I met Joe Rice in the late 1980s, I took a Greentown chocolate cactus sauce bowl to see if he could use the glass to make me a paperweight vase.  I had dropped the bowl several years earlier and broke it in many pieces.  I was so upset when it broke that my husband tried to glue it back together.  It was really beyond repair.  Well, you can't throw Greentown glass away so I thought maybe Joe could make it into something beautiful again.  He said he could.  As I started to hand him the glued sauce bowl that had missing slivers of glass, he looked at me and said he just couldn't break it.  He handed me the hammer.  So, I broke the Greentown chocolate sauce bowl.  I went back up the next week to pick up my vase and he gave me two vases made with my bowl.  They are so pretty with the caramel flowers in the bottom.
I offer new Joe Rice "paperweight" pieces for sale at my eCrater store.  While I will purchase some pieces already made, I also request certain pieces with the color combinations that I like.  I'm especially fond of pastels on black.  The pink and black is my favorite.  Will be ordering new perfume bottles with this combination soon.  Whether you collect Joe Rice Art Glass Paperweights yourself or are looking for that special gift, please visit CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles for
 Joe Rice Art Paperweights                


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