Monday, January 2, 2012

Free-Spirited Costume Jewelry

I have always like costume jewelry.  It's fun, colorful and speaks independent.  It brings out the gypsy in you!  My mother had purchased lots of Avon jewelry - lots.  She didn't wear jewelry, but just liked to look at it.  The Avon jewelry was about the first thing that my sister and I went through to pick out what we each wanted to keep.  There were a few things for men, but my brother had other things he was salivating over. 
It seems that unique and colorful beads are really popular right now and are even offered in the fine jewelry stores.  Well, I think Avon may have been ahead of the "bead" popularity with this beautiful Moroccan Cool Blue Necklace. 
Isn't this just gorgeous?  This Avon necklace was offered in 1990 just in time for spring break vacations and cruises.  The various shapes of the plastic beads with different colors of blues and accented with a touch of coral.  And, just look at the silvertone beads!  This would look fabulous with a white beachy outfit whether you choose a more dressy linen slacks and jacket outfit or a free-spirited gauze blouse and long skirt.  You can find this beautiful necklace at CAROLINABLUELADY Vintage Collectibles and bring out your free spirit!


  1. Great post as usual and a truly gorgeous necklace. Avon was definitely ahead of it's time with this one.

  2. What a Beautiful necklace! I'm surprised you didn't decorate your Christmas tree with it! Just a really lovely piece! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh how pretty! Sending your link to someone I know would love it :)