Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm not exactly sure why I am writing this.  I really don't have a story or specific memory to share.  I was just looking through some of the old family photos and came upon my favorite picture of my Aunt Goldie, my grandmother's sister.  My grandmother was the oldest of five children.  Aunt Goldie was the second child born in 1903.  This picture was taken when she was 20 years old.  The 1920s, one of my favorite decades for fashion and hair styles.  I remember looking at this picture of Aunt Goldie when I was a child and thought she was just about the prettiest lady in the world.
When she would visit, she always made you feel so special.  I loved hearing her talk and her laugh, well, it was like listening to a symphony.
She never lost her beauty or her spirit.  She passed away a few months before my mother.  She was 104 years old. 
I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at this picture.  She was just so beautiful. 


  1. She truly was lovely. I love when you share your family photos and memories with us.

  2. This is a beautiful story about a beautiful young woman who had a significant impact on another beautiful lady. Thanks for sharing!