Saturday, July 15, 2017

Anchor Hocking Vintage Candle Glow Ovenware

Fire-King by Anchor Hocking was introduced in 1941 with the heat proof Sapphire Blue line and later oven and microwave proof ovenware.  Do not use any in a microwave unless embossed on the bottom.  Fire-King ovenware was produced until 2000.

There are quite a few lines in anchorwhite using decals - Forget-Me-Not, Meadow Green, Primrose, Wheat, Blue Heaven, Chanticleer or Country Kitchen and Candleglow (sometimes shown as Candle Glow).  Not all patterns have all of the same pieces though.  One good thing is that most lids are interchangeable.
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Do not clean these baking dishes in a dishwasher.  The decals will fade and wear.  I never wash vintage dinnerware, glassware or ovenware in a dishwasher period.  Always wash by hand.

I have quite a few pieces of the Candle Glow for sale on eBay.  I like this pattern with the blue and gold candles with flame decals along the side of the dish.  This pattern also includes a coffee mug, cereal bowl and custard bowl that you could use as a dessert or berry bowl.

I do have some of the baking ovenware pieces.  Here's a slideshow of Candle Glow available.

You can purchase these items at:  CAROLINABLUELADY on eBay or you may find a few pieces at my online stores.

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